I’m doing a little better, mood-wise. I’m exhausted beyond belief, but I only have to get through two more days. Two more long, long days. But then! THEN I shall be rewarded with a glorious weekend! And none shall stand in the way of my sleep or my writing. Yaaaaasssssss. I would classify my mood as salted, as  am no longer quite salty. Like these delicious almonds my husband bought. They’re sea salt and turbinado sugar dark chocolate covered almonds…. Read more »

I’m in a funk. It’s a baby one. I think. But it’s still there. I’m just exhausted and tired of not having any time to do the things I want to do. Or need to do. It’s a selfish thing, and I can acknowledge that, but I still feel the feels. I know, I know, whine, whine, adulthood is hard, grow up, stop complaining. But I’m just… in a funk. I think a very large portion has to do with… Read more »

Hola, mes amigos! No, I don’t speak Spanish, why do you ask? I have a whole lot of nothing to talk about today. So get excited. First of all, next Friday my brothers and husband and I are departing for Chicago! How is it already almost August?!?? I’m barfing. I was going to qualify that statement, but it’s funnier how it is. I’m barfing. Anywho, my baby brother turned 16 in February (I know. I know), so my other brother… Read more »

Hello, friends and not friends! AKA the world. Don’t ask. Just go with it. I’m tired and it’s Monday. I had a pretty nice weekend, though I was more than a little busy. I can’t believe it’s the 28th. Time is flying by. Rent is due on Friday, everyone. Anyway, if you’ve ever asked yourself or Google “What makeup brushes do I need?,” then I’m here to answer all your questions. Kind of. Not really. Today is Part 1, which focuses… Read more »

It’s Friday! We made it! I have a very important announcement. I did the cost analysis on a Keurig and found that minus the cost of the machine, the k-cups will be, on average, $0.06 cheaper per cup of coffee than my Starbucks via habit. PLUS I can still return my old coffee maker that has never been used. Sorry, person who gave it to us. I had good intentions. I did. I had a little chat with The Hubbit and… Read more »

Warning: This is not going to be organized. You have been warned. Topics at the moment include how to crack an egg, a muffin recipe, cold medication, coffee, Keurigs, and bears. Oh My. This is subject to change by any tangential thought. You have now been thrice warned. I think I’ve stumbled upon a drug cocktail that keeps me functional through this cold/allergy spell. I am feeling better every day, thanks probably in large part to Dayquil, double doses of… Read more »

Okay, Wednesday. You want to fight? I still have my cold/extreme allergies. My eyes are so itchy and my nose is so runny and sneezy. Silver lining: I don’t actually feel *that* bad. But still. My phone turned itself off in the night. Meaning I popped awake at a cavalier 7:13. Silver lining: I got almost two extra hours of sleep, which is nice. Kinda. So, instead of a *real* post, here’s a picture of a really happy puppy I… Read more »

Well, hello. How are you? Long time no talk. I guess you’ve surmised by now that I’m back (back, back, back again, gain, gain). Sorry for all the Slim Shady references. Wait, no I’m not. BACK TO REALITY, OH, THERE GOES GRAVITY. Sorry, for real this time. I’ll contain myself. Vacation/our anniversary was awesome. AWESOME. So much R&R. I read two books and started another. You can follow my progress on my Goodreads, because I KNOW you are just aching… Read more »

I’m not trying to make you jealous, but I’m not even at work right now. And I’m not even supposed to be. I’m on vacation! Winning! I have a full/lazy day planned of meal planning, grocery shopping, packing, baking, and otherwise just chillin’ and preppin’ for going out of town. So pumped. Last night we went shopping for some cheeses for our Cheese Feast night… have I mentioned how excited I am for this stinking trip?!???!?!? Sorry for excess punctuation. I’m… Read more »

Guten Morgen, Das Frienders! (Sometimes I pretend I can speak German. It does not translate to the written word. Noted.) Today is Wednesday for the world. But for me, it is Friday. I have the rest of the week off, because our one year anniversary is on Sunday! Some of y’all asked where we were going, and I suppose that is a pertinent detail. We are going to my parent’s bay house on the gulf. Free plus the price of… Read more »