Hellooooo my charming charlies! It’s Friday! Not only Friday, but the Friday of a three day weekend! And not just any old 3 day-er, but Labor Day! Which, to me, mostly indicates that fall is just around the corner and also that there is some GREAT shopping to be done. So here is what I’ve found for us you: 1) Nordstrom Rack: Extra 25% off Clearance! Buy this: This Steve Madden Easy Going Tote is under $30! And this Betsey… Read more »

Hey! You guys! It’s Thursday!!!!! That means it’s only like one day away from Friday, which is my very, very favoritest day in all the week! Aaaand it’s a three day weekend! Which is basically a vacation! I can’t wait. I, of course, have big, big plans. They involve working on my book, cleaning and organizing the house, reading, and also, freaking relaxing. Oh yeah. Come to mama. I think there will be some family-seeing thrown in there as well,… Read more »

Remember our good ol’ Colossians 3:13? I was thinking about it all day Tuesday, as one might, thinking about forgiveness and cutting myself some slack. Then, last night, someone (KSBJ?) posted Ephesians 4:32 to Facebook, and it felt like another perfect example and reminder. Take a look: Isn’t that just so lovely? There are so many elements I could analyze, and that I’m sure I’ll think about all day, but the first two words kind of sum everything up: Be… Read more »

So all the little kiddies went back to school yesterday. And I have to say, I’m jealous. Back to school, despite groans about homework and seriously hateful Chemistry teachers, kicks off my favorite time of year. It’s the beginning of fall, even though we’re still courting 100* weather in the Lone Star State. (Side note: Starbucks released the PSL early this year (yesterday) and I cannot drink one until there’s a hint of crispness in the air. It’s just wrong.)… Read more »

Hello, Monday. (Said like, “Hello, Newman” in Seinfeld.) I don’t really even want to talk about makeup today. Well, that’s a lie. I always want to talk about makeup. But it’s so hot that I don’t want to wear makeup. Everything feels melty and nasty and your eyelashes droop. Late summer in Texas is no joke. So here are some summer makeup tips that will hopefully help to get us through to the beautiful, crisp fall. I can’t wait. Starbucks… Read more »

Happy Friday, everyone! We’ve done it again! My fascination/obsession with online shopping started in college, with Modcloth. I’m sorry, what? Clothes can be this cute? My friend, Fred, and I used to check the site every day to see what was new.(Questionably) Fun fact: I’ve never bought clothing from Modcloth, despite my years of stalking it. I have bought cute Christmas gifts, though. My faves have expanded to New York & Company, Ruche, Francesca’s, ASOS, and my newly discovered Chic… Read more »

That was a Sufjan Stevens reference. Annoyed eye roll if you didn’t pick up on it. Just kidding, I love you. Anyway, the trip to Chicago was amazinggggg. So here’s a photo-dump. There was architecture:   There was art:   My little brother told me this was Voldemort: There was food: There was booze: There was the facing of fears that was the Willis Tower Sky Deck and a ghost tour. The Sky Deck was much more terrifying. Tell me… Read more »

Well. Wednesday. Though I slept much, much better than I have been, I still did not sleep long enough. Mostly because we were up until midnight, having a heart to heart. And by that I mean The Hubbit held me and was very sweet and made me laugh while I was like, “I WANT ADVENTURE IN THE GREAT, WIDE SOMEWHERE” / crying because I have big dreams and sometimes I feel stupid because of them. It’s a long, complicated thought… Read more »

I’m working on the Chicago recap, I swear. But it’s a lot of pictures and words, and I’m like really, really tired. I haven’t been sleeping well, which is cruel, because I am so restless, feeling so stuck and stagnant and frustrated about life that I can’t even sleep for the racing thoughts and the overwhelming desire to JUST DO SOMETHING. But then I wake up the next morning, and I’m too exhausted to do anything except drink too much… Read more »

We meet again, Monday. But I shall choose to ignore you and go on my merry way. Now, I’m not a huge supporter of makeup trends– I think you should wear whatever you like and makes you feel pretty and self-expressive. However, I also do like to see what new trends or innovations/styles are becoming popular, in case I find something new or inspiring to me. So, here are ten trends I am really looking forward to rocking. 1) Bold… Read more »