Y’all. Where is life going???? Tomorrow is October 1st! Aca-scuse me? September was obviously very busy for us. I wrote a lot. Not enough, but a lot. We are buying a house. Things are moving forward there. I drank a lot of coffee. Broke a lot of hearts (kidding). I just can’t believe time has zipped by. More info on the house: We are waiting on the seller to return the signed contract. Our awesome Realtor is picking up our… Read more »

I’m trying to keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side. Keep on the sunny side of life. BUT… it’s Monday. And I’m cold and tired and my coffee is just a touch too far away from my reach, so I’m going to have to lean. Ugh. Okay, I’m really not that grumpy. But today is the first day of my deadline week, and I know it’s going to be a doozy. This too shall pass. This weekend was… Read more »

Hello. It’s Friday. We made it. I am so exhausted. So happy to be here, at the feet of Friday. So without further ado, here are cute things: 1) Colorblock Tunic Tee. This is cute.   2) Evening Skies Colorblock Sweater. This is Cute. And snuggly.   3) Factory Necklace Sweatshirt. This is cute. And necessary for my closet. 4) Factory Warmspun Jeweled Sweater. This is cute. 5) Feel-Good to Go Sweater. This is cute. And perfect. 6) Medium Format… Read more »

Bad news. THE house went swiftly into the good night before we could even see it. On the market two days. Sigh. Our Realtor said it assuredly went into a bidding war and therefore above asking price. So that alleviated some of the pain. Good news: Our former and now again first choice is still there, so the current plan is to see one more house on Saturday, and then revisit the current #1. And perhaps we’ll make a little… Read more »

Soooo. Today’s the day. The Lord hath made. And also we’re seeing the house that could be The House. I’m not trying to put any chickens in egg baskets or whatever. I don’t like bird analogies, so sue me. HOWEVER… I think we’re going to love it. Unless somehow the pictures are a lie, like the cake. This post and my references are all over the place and I apologize. I have not been sleeping well at all. Ever since we found The… Read more »

1) Gooooood mornin’! (Sung like in Singin’ in the Rain) 2) It’s the first day of Autumn! It’s the first day of Autumn! Look at the effing Google Doodle. 3) I wrote a poem! Check it here. 4) It’s a cavalier 66 degrees and I’m loving it. 5) I have the following thing stuck in my head on a loop. 5,000,000 bonus points if you know what it’s from/can hear what I’m hearing right now: Agatha, This is Magnus. Give my… Read more »

I’m baaaaaack! Though I can’t claim to be back in the swing of things, as it were. I am somewhere still floating around in the universe. Only the fact that I have so much to do at work is driving me onward with any purpose. I left a frustrating and horrific day at work on Friday (re: so much to do) at 5, and drove to Waco. 290 was awful and I had to say many, many prayers. Ultimately I… Read more »

It’s Friday! A day with tidings of weekends and joy! Did you know that today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day? It is! Which makes me wonder what they do in Somalia. (Ohhh. Too harsh?) My friends and I used to celebrate quite festively in high school. Which is why we were so very popular. You have to understand, though, it was right after Pirates of the Caribbean  came out, so it might as well have been International Think a Lot About… Read more »

We’re friends, right? I can tell you a story and you’ll laugh with me, not at me? (Side note: Yes, I know I’m weird. Deal with it.) So one day in college, the picture of a couple popped in my head. Newlyweds, most likely in the past. Farm workers. The husband waits at the table, and then his bride enters with two cups of coffee. “Guten morgen, Jimmy Borgen,” she says, handing him his coffee. (#sexist) “Guten morgen, Mrs. Borgen,”… Read more »

Well hello, Wednesday, you gorgeous thing, you. I always love Wednesdays, but this one is extra special. Not only has the signal been broadcasted that the weekend is drawing near, but, well… you might have noticed a slight shift in my blog appearance. And no, it’s not another redesign to replace my crappy webdesign of yesteryear. I’ve been asked to join the BlogHer network. And, obviously, I accepted. I am so excited and so humbled by this opportunity. I kind… Read more »