Just yesterday, I told one of my coworkers that I am *totally* going to be one of those grandmas that has a festive sweater and jewelry for every holiday. I already am that grandma, somewhere inside me. nothing gets to me like Christmas jewelry. Come to mama grandma. Anywho, I thought that today, on Halloween, it would be fun to visit some things that would be Halloween-appropriate. Obvi it’s a touch too late to buy any, but it’ll be fun!… Read more »

I can’t believe it’s October 30th.   How is it that time seems to fly by faster and faster? I already know November is going to be insanely busy, and then it’s Christmas and then it’s January, which is super busy for me at work. So maybe I’ll take a freaking breath in February? ::hyperventilates:: I feel like I am not even my typical self. I love LOVE Halloween, and I’ve barely even celebrated. We’ve been slamming episodes of Ghost Adventures… Read more »

If you follow me on Insta (warning: it is like 99.999% food pics these days. Usually I feel like dinner is the only remarkable thing I’ve done worth documenting. I did order some new necklaces recently, though, so stay the eff tuned!), then you’ll know that I recently started reading this little guy: The Kingdom Woman Devotional. I really like it so far, but more importantly, I’m actually devoting part of my morning to God again. It’s not as much… Read more »

Do you ever feel (like a plastic bag…) like all of your clothes are stupid and they should all just burn in a closet fire? Because that’s what I’m feeling right now. I hate everything I own and I want to give it all away and start fresh. Of course I still have some good things. Somewhere. Maybe. And we’re buying a house, so we don’t have “buy an entirely new wardrobe” money. And even if we did, that’s kind… Read more »

Hello, old friends! A week or so ago, my husband and I were watching an SNL rerun that had Ariana Grande as the musical guest. I’m not going to comment on the performance (my husband almost had to leave the room), or how I feel about her in general, but her makeup game was SPOT ON. Take a look: Smokey copper eyes with a red lip? Sign me UP! This is my new fall or maybe even holiday event look…. Read more »

You might not believe me, and that’s okay. But I want you to know that I’m trying a new slow cooker recipe. And I have failed once more to leave myself adequate time. I know. I KNOW. But it’s true, and here we are. I would like you to know that it’s Friday. And last night, instead of prepping the crockpot like I knew I should’ve, I added/incorporated a cool 10k words. I am pleased. And I’m starting to feel… Read more »

Happy Friday Eve. I’m feeling a touch better. Probably because I made a (low carb, sugar free, gluten free) pumpkin cake last night and I am eating it for breakfast. Recipe here, if you’re curious. I did have a stress dream about work last night, which is no bueno, but I will survive. It’s been an interesting experiment at work. For the past two weeks, I’ve been forcing myself to leave at 5. And while on one hand, I feel… Read more »

Hello. This post is late. Yesterday was a shambles. I was in a funk all day and I just got myself to bed. I’m not sure what spurred the funk. I’m thinking it might just be general exhaustion and frustration. And the fact that my birthday is swiftly approaching and my 25th year of life has been… interesting. I’m looking forward to the holidays, but I am REALLY looking forward to kissing 2014 goodbye. And by kissing, I mean murdering… Read more »

As some of you (okay, like five of you) know, I have been really getting into web design. And by that, I mostly mean Typography. I can’t get enough. Did you know there’s a veritable bevy of beautiful fonts out there, just waiting to be seen and explored and utilized? I’ve gathered together ten of my favorite script fonts, hoping you might get some use out of them. I’m thinking crafts, Christmas presents, logos, anything! Enjoy. I plan on sharing… Read more »

Hello, my sweets! I hope you had a glorious weekend and that you’re not close to crying right now. I just may have developed something over the weekend to stave off the Monday Blues, if not slay them entirely. Presenting: Sweet and Spicy Roasted Pecans.   You. Guys. These are so good. And so simple. Done and burning your mouth in under 15 minutes. Not that I speak from experience or anything. You start with simple, superstar ingredients. Pecans (duh),… Read more »