Remember when I told you that I, along with my fellow bridesmaids, were hosting a bridal shower for my dear friend Kristin? Well, we did that. And, if I do say so myself, we did that well. Everyone seemed to have a blast, everyone enjoyed the food, everyone had fun playing the games, and, most importantly, everyone celebrated the beautiful upcoming nuptials for Kristin! I am so, so, so excited for her. Marriage is the best. I thought I’d share… Read more »

Guys. Guys. I’m really over this week. We’re heading back toward deadlines at work and I am just weary to my bones. Even though I have a million things to do, I plan on mostly relaxing. Because next week is majorly going to stink. The weekend after Valentine’s Day, The Hubbit and I are taking a little weekend getaway trip to Galveston. I cannot wait. I plan to basically lay in a hotel room for two days, eat delicious food,… Read more »

So. You don’t know this, because I haven’t told you, but I am mad busy. Tomorrow I am honored to be co-hosting the bridal shower for one of my truest and bluest friends, Kristin. And I may or may not be a tad perfectionist when it comes to parties and shindigs and revelry in general.Psychosis aside, I am super pumped for tomorrow and can’t wait to share pictures and what have you come Monday! Since it is Friday, and fashion… Read more »

Hello, beautiful people! I’m happy to report that I am feeling better! Like ACTUALLY better. That cold was a doozy. Good riddance. I went back to work yesterday, therefore I slept in as late as possible. Unlike this morning. I’m pretty sleepy today. The Hubbit and I stayed up late chatting so I didn’t fall asleep until round about eleven. And then I woke up with a coughing attack and then went to the bathroom at one. And then another… Read more »

Hello, loves. I’m writing to you later than usual because I’m home sick. Still/again. The good news is, I’m seriously on the mend and think I’ll be at a cool 85% functional tomorrow. I still had fever yesterday evening, and I notoriously don’t take enough time to rest. And since it’s taken every vitamin I have to keep this cold from settling in my lungs and becoming bronchitis, I thought that I had better rest one more day. I’m sure… Read more »

Happy Wednesday, my beauties. I’m still not feeling well. My throat is killing me and I’m not happy about it. Not at all. But the weekend draws ever nearer, and I remain hopeful. I am going to continue to do my best to rest and take all my vitamins. I will conquer this yet. Anyway, this post is very simple, very pointed, very frivolous. But it’s important to me. A while ago I got a free sample at Sephora of… Read more »

Greetings, Earthlings. I really wish that line wasn’t permanently stuck in my head. We all do, I’m sure. Anywho, happy Tuesday. I still cannot shake this allergy/cold/general malaise that took over me Friday, January 2nd. I am kicking it into overdrive today. And by that I mean I’m taking zinc and I bought “Gypsy Cold Care” tea at Target and I’m going to take it to work and pretend I’m in a gypsy camp.   I do want to say… Read more »

Hello, my sweets. Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth last week. It was the conclusion of my big year-end deadlines, and since it was the conclusion of my big year-end deadlines, I was also quite sick. I’d been fighting a cold since January 2nd and only yesterday and today have I started to feel quasi-normal. I’ve been just sick enough to be exhausted and not feeling well, but not sick enough to excuse myself from any activities…. Read more »

Why, yes, that is a riff on the opening of A Tale of Two Cities. Aren’t I just ever-so cultured in 2015? I truly impress myself sometimes. What’s not very impressive, though, is how indecisive I’ve been recently. I have two, count ’em, TWO Barnes and Nobel gift cards burning a hole in the drawer of the end table and I can’t decide what books to read. I can’t even decide what book to read first on my reading challenge. Do… Read more »

You know that phrase “back in the swing of things?” I guess that’s where I am. Kind of. I still have some house unpacking to do, and, yes, the Christmas tree to take down, but I also have three and a half more seasons of Gilmore Girls to watch and books to read, etc., etc. Speaking of reading books (queen of the segue!), I think I’ve stumbled into a quiet time that will work for me. I told y’all before… Read more »