Greetings, Earthlings.

My name has been Kaitlin Vincent for just over a year, since I married my best friend and soul mate and took his last name. I’m 20-something-I-try-not-to-think-about, and my daily life is spent trying to figure out how to bring glory to God while being a homemaker, working a more than full-time job, and trying to squeeze in fiction writing and hobbies such as marathoning TV and adding hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise to online shopping carts.

As I navigate the choppy waters of growing up and growing together with my husband, I hope to connect with others. I love people. Love, love people, and am always looking for more online or offline girlfriends. My heart is to encourage others, women especially. It’s hard out there for a pimp, but it’s even harder for the modern-day woman. I hope to share my struggles, my victories, and my lessons here, and hope we can all grow together. You might see recipes, decor/DIYs, makeup, fashion, bible verses, or simply word vomit from me any day. You will definitely find awful jokes and nerdy things. Variety is the spice of life, they say, though I’m pretty keen on Garam Masala.

I also enjoy cheese of any kind, Texas, chips and queso (see cheese), Pinterest, coffee, Harry Potter, bubbly drinks, wine and beer, paint chips, cooking, baking, hama bead crafts, shopping, makeup, memes, being married, reading books, smelling books, crying quietly into the spines of books, crappy television, quality television, poems, movies, the fine arts, the not-so-fine arts, crafting, spending too much at Hobby Lobby, music, laughter, tequila, and chocolate. Also cheese. Always.

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Welcome to life with extra cheese! I hope you’ll grab a (low carb, gluten free) cracker and stay awhile.