Hello, World, As pretty much anyone who would likely stumble onto my site will know, Hurricane Harvey came and left devastation as it went. Southeast Texas, Houston, East Texas, and Louisiana have all felt its power and its wrath. Let me start by saying that we’re fine. We blessedly were spared. All of my closest friends are fine, my family is fine, and my husband’s family was mostly untouched. We all had a few scary nights, though. I never thought… Read more »

Hello. It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years, you’d like to meet? I don’t want to talk about my absence. I don’t want to talk about my disappearance. I don’t want to promise or imply anything about my return. Instead, I’ll leave this here, buried in my semi-dead corner of the internet, and I’ll think fondly about you all. A few months ago, I turned 28. And I set 28 goals for myself, which I thought I’d… Read more »

I don’t know why, but I always want to greet you guys as “Party People” these days. I don’t know where it came from. I don’t know why it’s happening, but it is. So, good morning, party people! We are on the cusp of a three day weekend and it feels phenomenal. We don’t have many plans, but the plans we do have are spectacular. Gonna relax a lot. Gonna do some organizing and some chores. Gonna talk to Roxanne… Read more »

You. Guys. Spicy Roasted Broccoli with Avocado Crema. This little diddy was born out of necessity. I love cooking with southwestern and Mexican flavors, but it’s so hard to come up with accompanying side dishes. While rice and beans are muy delicioso, they are not quite the top of the nutrition chart. So enter one of my veggie boyfrans, broccoli. Broccoli, roasted with some smoky heat, then drizzled with a generous ribbon of tangy avocado crema. It starts simply. Fresh… Read more »

Well hello, there, dearest. How have you been? I had a fantastic weekend. First thing’s first, I’m the realest I don’t want you to miss out on my first ever GIVEAWAY! So exciting! Go, now! Assuming you’re back, I’ll just get right to the point and tell you how this weekend was full of food and movies and dates. Oh my! Friday night, The Hubbit and I ate at this amazing Mediterranean buffet. It was not the classiest joint, but… Read more »

Hello and Happy Saturday to everyone! I’m here this weekend with something extra special for you, and something near and dear to my heart. That’s right. A giveaway! A book give away. Get excited. I have been a fan of Deeanne for many, many years. My best friend discovered her books, so kudos to you, bess fran, but soon we were all hooked. We were in high school, and Dee’s stories transported us to places and love stories we never could… Read more »

Okay, that line probably has nefarious meanings, but it’s stuck in my head. (Oooooh!) Anyway, another Monday. I’m feeling pretty good. It could be because I feel like I FINALLY caught up on sleep. Girls, hit your hallelujah. Or it could be the fact that I’m choosing and praying to stay positive. You see, yesterday was my half birthday. My 26th and a half birthday. I don’t care about it for celebratory purposes. I care about it for “where the… Read more »

Good Morning! Not much to report over here, other than that I was almost attacked, blinded, and murdered yesterday. NBD. Okay, okay, I might be speaking out of my irrational fear, but let me set the scene: Off and on for at least a week, we’ve been hearing birds very loudly chirping. Like, incessantly chirping. Like, maybe they’re fighting or something? kind of chirping. But, whatever, eventually they fly away. The Hubster said that one day he was sure they… Read more »

This might be the most controversial thing I’ve ever put on my blog, but I am going to say it anyway. I’m trying to view Monday as a gift. Trying. Praying. I woke up in a horrible mood. Tired, grumpy, so not ready for another week in the daily grind. My fuel tank feels empty and more than anything else, like the toddler I secretly am, I just don’t wanna. However, my prayer this morning was and is to be… Read more »

Yep. This about sums it up: T.G.I.F. I’m so, so excited for this weekend! I’m just going to piddle around and do housework, mostly, but I’m also going to…   Write! Also, I had finished this little post with talking about wanting a chiffon skirt and loving Cinderella, and then WordPress deleted it. It was a magical treasure and we’ll all mourn it. I’m just going to go. I hope you have an amazing weekend full of good food, lots… Read more »