Remember our good ol’ Colossians 3:13? I was thinking about it all day Tuesday, as one might, thinking about forgiveness and cutting myself some slack. Then, last night, someone (KSBJ?) posted Ephesians 4:32 to Facebook, and it felt like another perfect example and reminder. Take a look:

ephesians 4 32

Isn’t that just so lovely? There are so many elements I could analyze, and that I’m sure I’ll think about all day, but the first two words kind of sum everything up: Be kind.

I am not a kind person. Well, actually, I think I am. BUT I am so stressed with life and work most of the time that the stress monster in my stomach eats whatever kindness I might have. I’ve been focusing on this issue, trying to be more patient. I think what I really need is to focus on being kind, being tenderhearted. FORGIVE people. Cut people some slack. Yes, most definitely, myself included.

I need to apply the same principles to myself and to others. Be kind.

Though I may be stuck in a bit of a hard-hearted phase, I hope God is bringing me out of it and into a phase of tenderheartedness. I truly do love people, and I love, love, love encouraging them and motivating them and being some kind of heart cheerleader. So why can’t I do that for myself? Why can’t I get excited for my own dreams, cheering, saying, “You’re writing a book? That’s incredible! That’s so exciting. You’re so talented.” instead of saying, “You’ll never finish, you’ll never sell it, you’ll never be an author. You are talentless.”?

That’s so rude, myself! I will keep working on this. I will say I was writing last night and I actually got to a part where I was having so, so much fun. Writing was a joy and a treasure and I loved little moments I came up with. I just squeezed in 24 minutes of writing, but got 464 words, and, more importantly, the thrill of writing. I needed that refresher. Yes, I love this. I need to do this. It’s not about proving myself or proving to myself that I’m not a failure. It’s about the love and joy and pain that is writing.

Anyway, that’s just some of the stuff bouncing around in my head today. I thought I’d share and, yes, encourage everyone to be kind, and tenderhearted, and forgiving. Starting right here, in my twisted little mind.

Y’all have a great day!

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