Remember when I told you that I, along with my fellow bridesmaids, were hosting a bridal shower for my dear friend Kristin? Well, we did that. And, if I do say so myself, we did that well. Everyone seemed to have a blast, everyone enjoyed the food, everyone had fun playing the games, and, most importantly, everyone celebrated the beautiful upcoming nuptials for Kristin! I am so, so, so excited for her. Marriage is the best.

I thought I’d share some highlights with you, in case you enjoy that kind of thing, or are seeking out Bridal Shower ideas.

Feast your eyes on some decor:

The “Welcome Station.” We had a guestbook, and then bits of scrapbook paper on which people could leave a note for the bride. I hole-punched the corner of the paper, and made a not-pictured cover for the book, and before the bride left, I bound all the pages together in a little memento book for her to take home.

Photo Jan 24, 5 46 27 PM

Here’s the image that’s in the big frame:Photo Jan 22, 8 57 17 AM

We also decorated every table with pictures of the engaged couple and a little “facts about the bride” page (as well as votives errywhere), like so:Photo Jan 24, 5 53 24 PM


Our major decor pieces where two banners I stenciled. One reading “Miss to Mrs” and the other with the Bride’s new last name. I adore them, if I’m allowed to say. Here’s the focal point of the room:

Photo Jan 24, 5 52 01 PM


A closer shot:

Photo Jan 24, 5 53 05 PM

And here’s the new last name banner, over the favor table (more on that later):Photo Jan 24, 5 52 43 PM

Here’s the “facts” page that’s in the frames:

Photo Jan 22, 8 56 28 AM

To round out the decor, we tied pretty pink fans on all the sconces. Here are a few pics of those, along with the gift table set up:

Photo Jan 24, 6 36 18 PM Photo Jan 24, 9 02 26


And now, for some games. We had so much fun! One of the maids brought a “Think Like the Bride” game she found in a party supply store. In it, you answer questions about what the bride would rather do. Kind of like the Newlywed Game. It was very fun. I came in second place. So close to the win. So close.

We also played the “Clothespin Game,” which is pretty self-explanatory with the following graphic:

Photo Jan 22, 6 21 06 PM

I was in the top 3. Might have been second. Curses. Curses.

We also played “Bride Libs,” which is also pretty self-explanatory:

Photo Jan 22, 7 14 12 PM

Here are the games in the flesh (well, kind of…):Photo Jan 24, 6 18 46 PM Photo Jan 24, 6 18 47 PM


I’d also like to share my cupcakes with you, because I love them. Indulge me, won’t you?

Photo Jan 24, 5 59 41 PMRecipe here. I added silver sanding sugar that I coated in silver luster dust (thanks to a pro tip from my dear friend who’s a professional baker.), and these precious lace cupcake sleeves.

And now, for my favorite part: The favors. I am obsessed with how cute these turned out. We popped popcorn, melted down some almond bark, stirred in some food coloring, and had ourselves pink candy-coated popcorn. It’s super simple but super delicious. My mom actually used to make it (without the food coloring) around Christmas time every year. It’s addictive. We dumped it into cute cone-shaped treat bags, tied them with ribbon, and added a cute label. I’ll let them speak for themselves from now on. And yes, I had a full-blown photo shoot with them. I am obsessed.

Here’s the graphic I designed to put on the label:

Photo Jan 22, 1 17 25 PM

And here is everything I stand for:Photo Jan 24, 8 38 07 AM Photo Jan 24, 8 38 11 AM Photo Jan 24, 8 38 18 AM Photo Jan 24, 8 38 26 AM


And that is the Bridal Shower! Again, I had so much fun and it was such an honor and a joy to be involved. I can’t wait for future wedding activities.

I hope everyone has a good day!

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    1. Kaitlin Post author

      We made ours a couple of days before. They were then sealed in individual baggies. I don’t think you’d want to go longer than a couple of days, as the popcorn would start to get stale.


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