Hello and Happy Saturday to everyone! I’m here this weekend with something extra special for you, and something near and dear to my heart. That’s right. A giveaway! A book give away. Get excited. I have been a fan of Deeanne for many, many years. My best friend discovered her books, so kudos to you, bess fran, but soon we were all hooked. We were in high school, and Dee’s stories transported us to places and love stories we never could… Read more »

Yep. This about sums it up: T.G.I.F. I’m so, so excited for this weekend! I’m just going to piddle around and do housework, mostly, but I’m also going to…   Write! Also, I had finished this little post with talking about wanting a chiffon skirt and loving Cinderella, and then WordPress deleted it. It was a magical treasure and we’ll all mourn it. I’m just going to go. I hope you have an amazing weekend full of good food, lots… Read more »

Hello, Beautiful People! I made an extra delicious bulletproof coffee this morning, so I’m pretty jazzed. That being said, it’s still Monday, and somehow, seemingly while I was living life, the world decided it was March. Excuse me? February went by so quickly! I took an unexpected blogging break (sorry about that), but I’m back now, and with a plan. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and plotting and planning and attempting to structure my life. And as much… Read more »

Hello again, world. Did you know that is is Friday Eve? Because it is! Everyone celebrate! This has been an off the chain, insane week for me. Let me clue you in… (Insert Wayne’s World wavy arms and “doodly-doo noises.) As I mentioned, Monday I had dinner with my lovely Patricia. And it was all laugh, laugh, eat, plan, talk, laugh, coffeecoffeecoffee, etc. It was a delightful time, and ’round about 10:00, we decided we needed to leave. We had parked… Read more »

It’s not a secret. In fact, I’ve definitely alluded to the fact that I’ve been in kind of a funk/depression about writing since my birthday. I’ve flirted with quitting forever, but writing won’t let me give up. It’s like drugs or Diet Coke. I’ve just felt like time is moving too quickly and all I do is my dumb job and suddenly I’m 26 and I have nothing (artistically speaking) to show for my time. And then I feel like… Read more »

Hello, loves. I’m writing to you later than usual because I’m home sick. Still/again. The good news is, I’m seriously on the mend and think I’ll be at a cool 85% functional tomorrow. I still had fever yesterday evening, and I notoriously don’t take enough time to rest. And since it’s taken every vitamin I have to keep this cold from settling in my lungs and becoming bronchitis, I thought that I had better rest one more day. I’m sure… Read more »

Greetings, Earthlings. I really wish that line wasn’t permanently stuck in my head. We all do, I’m sure. Anywho, happy Tuesday. I still cannot shake this allergy/cold/general malaise that took over me Friday, January 2nd. I am kicking it into overdrive today. And by that I mean I’m taking zinc and I bought “Gypsy Cold Care” tea at Target and I’m going to take it to work and pretend I’m in a gypsy camp.   I do want to say… Read more »

Welcome, friends. We made it! I am so excited for this year. I truly believe it can and WILL be the best year ever. Of course I couldn’t let today fly by without the obligatory resolutions post. So here we are. In the past, I’ve made over 9,000 goals and tried my darndest to accomplish them, but, inevitably, failed. So this year, I’m boiling it down to overall goal categories that I want to focus on, and giving examples of each…. Read more »

Guys. You guys. You guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys. I have good news. It’s Thursday. I forgot. Well, not forgot, so much as all my days have bled together and even though this is a “short” week, I’ve already worked more than three days’ time in two days. Not that I’m counting. The fact that tomorrow’s Friday is a blessing. The fact I left the office a little after ten last night is not. But I’m not here to talk about that. From today,… Read more »

Remember our good ol’ Colossians 3:13? I was thinking about it all day Tuesday, as one might, thinking about forgiveness and cutting myself some slack. Then, last night, someone (KSBJ?) posted Ephesians 4:32 to Facebook, and it felt like another perfect example and reminder. Take a look: Isn’t that just so lovely? There are so many elements I could analyze, and that I’m sure I’ll think about all day, but the first two words kind of sum everything up: Be… Read more »