Well hello, there, dearest. How have you been? I had a fantastic weekend. First thing’s first, I’m the realest I don’t want you to miss out on my first ever GIVEAWAY! So exciting! Go, now! Assuming you’re back, I’ll just get right to the point and tell you how this weekend was full of food and movies and dates. Oh my! Friday night, The Hubbit and I ate at this amazing Mediterranean buffet. It was not the classiest joint, but… Read more »

Okay, that line probably has nefarious meanings, but it’s stuck in my head. (Oooooh!) Anyway, another Monday. I’m feeling pretty good. It could be because I feel like I FINALLY caught up on sleep. Girls, hit your hallelujah. Or it could be the fact that I’m choosing and praying to stay positive. You see, yesterday was my half birthday. My 26th and a half birthday. I don’t care about it for celebratory purposes. I care about it for “where the… Read more »

This might be the most controversial thing I’ve ever put on my blog, but I am going to say it anyway. I’m trying to view Monday as a gift. Trying. Praying. I woke up in a horrible mood. Tired, grumpy, so not ready for another week in the daily grind. My fuel tank feels empty and more than anything else, like the toddler I secretly am, I just don’t wanna. However, my prayer this morning was and is to be… Read more »

Well, hello. How are you? Feeling as shy as I am? Needing as much coffee as I am? I could not sleep last night. I was plenty tired, but I felt like I tossed and turned all night. What’s that about? Sorry about my absence. It was unplanned. It was also unpoliced, hence why it went on so long. Since we last talked, I worked a ridiculous amount, into the wee hours of the night. That in itself is a… Read more »

What do you do if it’s both a rainy day AND a Monday? Do you get double down? Or do you flip back ’round to up? These are the questions that haunt me. These are the days of our lives. Also, what do you do when Daylight Saving Time has you straight trippin’? I’m so stinking tired, since my body technically woke up at 4:15 this morning. And technically fell asleep around 11:45. It’s like the government just likes to… Read more »

Hello, Beautiful People! I made an extra delicious bulletproof coffee this morning, so I’m pretty jazzed. That being said, it’s still Monday, and somehow, seemingly while I was living life, the world decided it was March. Excuse me? February went by so quickly! I took an unexpected blogging break (sorry about that), but I’m back now, and with a plan. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and plotting and planning and attempting to structure my life. And as much… Read more »

Greetings, Earthlings. What it do? I had a pretty fabulous weekend. Saturday was full of writing, weeping, and gnashing of teeth until I finally published a little short story. You can read it here, if you want. I spent the rest of the day with my Valentine. We went out to dinner at Black Walnut Cafe, which is where we had our first date. And where we went last Valentine’s Day. Neither of us can remember what we did for… Read more »

Happy (?) Monday, my fine-feathered friends. I hope these words find you well-rested and ready for another week. Won’t comment on my own mental state. Nope. Not today. Just gonna roll on by and change the subject. Food. We like it. I make it. Here’s what I got going on the menu this week. Also, I have no idea where this clipped and grammatically incorrect voice is coming from. Oh, wait, probably Hell on Wheels. Mmmmhmmm. Meal 1: Last night I… Read more »

Oops, I did it again. I re-branded and re-designed and I’m sure you’re tired of it, and I’m tired of it, but listen. Linda, Honey. Listen. I’m actually happy with it for once. I won’t bore you with the stories and the inspirations and the Etsy Digital Paper Disappointment of 2014, but it’s all there. And I think I’ve finally found the celebratory, girly spirit I’ve been looking for. With a pretty font. That I got on sale. Holla! I… Read more »

Hello, loves. I’m writing to you later than usual because I’m home sick. Still/again. The good news is, I’m seriously on the mend and think I’ll be at a cool 85% functional tomorrow. I still had fever yesterday evening, and I notoriously don’t take enough time to rest. And since it’s taken every vitamin I have to keep this cold from settling in my lungs and becoming bronchitis, I thought that I had better rest one more day. I’m sure… Read more »