Remember when I told you that I, along with my fellow bridesmaids, were hosting a bridal shower for my dear friend Kristin? Well, we did that. And, if I do say so myself, we did that well. Everyone seemed to have a blast, everyone enjoyed the food, everyone had fun playing the games, and, most importantly, everyone celebrated the beautiful upcoming nuptials for Kristin! I am so, so, so excited for her. Marriage is the best. I thought I’d share… Read more »

How are you? I survived deadline week, and lived to tell the tale. Not that it’s an interesting tale, mind you, but it’s a tale nonetheless. Not really. Okay, my blogging muscles are apparently a tad rusty. Bear with me. Or don’t I don’t care. Let’s just move on. Saturday was my company Christmas party. Which means Saturday morning I ran out shopping, but was not finding anything that matched the dramatic picture in my mind. Then I found this… Read more »

As some of you (okay, like five of you) know, I have been really getting into web design. And by that, I mostly mean Typography. I can’t get enough. Did you know there’s a veritable bevy of beautiful fonts out there, just waiting to be seen and explored and utilized? I’ve gathered together ten of my favorite script fonts, hoping you might get some use out of them. I’m thinking crafts, Christmas presents, logos, anything! Enjoy. I plan on sharing… Read more »