So. You don’t know this, because I haven’t told you, but I am mad busy. Tomorrow I am honored to be co-hosting the bridal shower for one of my truest and bluest friends, Kristin. And I may or may not be a tad perfectionist when it comes to parties and shindigs and revelry in general.Psychosis aside, I am super pumped for tomorrow and can’t wait to share pictures and what have you come Monday! Since it is Friday, and fashion… Read more »

Hello, beautiful people. What’s up in your world? Is anyone else totally thrown off by the holidays? It feels like Monday, but it’s Friday. And I’m going to end up working tomorrow, so it’s not a Friday Friday, but I’ll still have a lot of weekend available (I hope). So here’s to Fonday. May it pass quickly. Here are some cute things. Sip some coffee and enjoy. 1) Apple Orchard Ruffled Blouse in Peach. It’s juuuuust Umbridge enough to be a little… Read more »

A rainstorm just hit. It’s beautiful. It’s so cozy. How am I supposed to stop online window-shopping and go to work? The only thing spurring me forward is that I’m having a gift exchange and Christmas movie/champagne night with one of my frans tonight and I’m so excited I might cry or puke or something. Or just be excited. I don’t know, I’m not some kind of fortune teller. Anyway, this time of year is all about glitter (and Jesus)… Read more »

Hello, my friends. We’ve successfully made it to Friday. I think we all deserve a cocktail. Later, of course. Later. I cannot wait for the weekend, even though all we’re doing is getting ready to move. But that’s its own special breed of annoying and exciting. Maybe we’ll live it up a tiny bit and go see a movie or something. I don’t know, I’m not psychic. What I am, though, is pumped about these clothes. This FF has no… Read more »

We made it! It’s Friday! Oh, joyous day! You know what I’ve been thinking about a lot? Scarves. Specifically how I really need to update my scarf wardrobe. I realize I live in Texas (God bless me!) and that it is October 17th and a balmy 63* at the time of publication, but hope springs eternal, my dears. So let’s take a little look-see at some scarves I would proudly buy and wear, if, you know, it was cold outside… Read more »

Frock-tober. I know. You can barely handle how clever I am. You can’t believe I walk the earth amongst people so intellectually inferior. But I do. I do. But what did I find in my research? No idea is original. I’m a hack!   None of this was here a week ago.   Whatever. Here are some frocks.   1) All According to Planet Dress.   2) Cheery Cordial Dress 3) Forest Comes First Dress. 4) Literary Luncheon Dress. 5) Little… Read more »

Hello! We made it! Friday is here! I slept horribly, thanks to a thunderstorm that like shook the house to the ground, and the fact that I drank too much Italian Sparkling Mineral Water (citrus flavor) before bed, and my bladder betrayed me at 5:04 this morning. #NeverForget Despite the sleep interruptions, I’m so happy it’s Friday! Everyone knows I love a good cardigan, and I’ve been needing some new ones, so I’m on the hunt. My definition of need… Read more »

Hello. It’s Friday. We made it. I am so exhausted. So happy to be here, at the feet of Friday. So without further ado, here are cute things: 1) Colorblock Tunic Tee. This is cute.   2) Evening Skies Colorblock Sweater. This is Cute. And snuggly.   3) Factory Necklace Sweatshirt. This is cute. And necessary for my closet. 4) Factory Warmspun Jeweled Sweater. This is cute. 5) Feel-Good to Go Sweater. This is cute. And perfect. 6) Medium Format… Read more »

It’s Friday! A day with tidings of weekends and joy! Did you know that today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day? It is! Which makes me wonder what they do in Somalia. (Ohhh. Too harsh?) My friends and I used to celebrate quite festively in high school. Which is why we were so very popular. You have to understand, though, it was right after Pirates of the Caribbean  came out, so it might as well have been International Think a Lot About… Read more »

Happiest of Fridays, my sweets! I’m so happy! I can’t wait for the weekend. Gonna work on my book, gonna relax… Gonna talk to Roxanne and not feel like a fool! Hey! After today! 5,000 awesome points if you know that reference. Anyway, I’m not sure I ever mentioned it, because, really, the details are just too juicy, but somehow the shoulder strap of my purse broke while we were in Chicago O’Hare, on our way home from our trip…. Read more »