So. You don’t know this, because I haven’t told you, but I am mad busy. Tomorrow I am honored to be co-hosting the bridal shower for one of my truest and bluest friends, Kristin. And I may or may not be a tad perfectionist when it comes to parties and shindigs and revelry in general.Psychosis aside, I am super pumped for tomorrow and can’t wait to share pictures and what have you come Monday! Since it is Friday, and fashion… Read more »

Hello. This Monday seems particularly dull and grim. Really the only exciting part is that temperatures are supposed to cool down some. I’ll believe that when it happens. My Mama told me to never trust a weather app. Just kidding. But today simply pales in comparison to the weekend. Friday night the Hubbit and I went to his cousin’s wedding. It was really pretty and sweet and very nice to see his family. Unfortunately waking up at 5 and being… Read more »

That’s right, y’all! It’s Friday Eve! This is how we’ve started referring to Thursdays around the office. It adds an element of excitement to another humdrum day. Plus it reminds me of Christmas. Bonus. I cannot. wait. for this weekend. Tomorrow one of The Hubbit’s cousins is getting married. It’ll be good to see his family and celebrate/cry at a new marriage. Plus I get to leave work early so I have time to get ready. Bonus. If only I knew what… Read more »

Man. I’m tired. I went to sleep at a decent hour. Woke up a little later than I should have. But I also was rewarded for my sleeping efforts when, in the middle of my precious slumber, I awoke with charlie horses in BOTH of my legs. What. The. Heck? I could barely hobble out of bed, cry one self-indulgent tear, and get back into bed. Awful. In happy news, I got to see my dear friend Lizzle last night!… Read more »

I’m baaaaaack! Though I can’t claim to be back in the swing of things, as it were. I am somewhere still floating around in the universe. Only the fact that I have so much to do at work is driving me onward with any purpose. I left a frustrating and horrific day at work on Friday (re: so much to do) at 5, and drove to Waco. 290 was awful and I had to say many, many prayers. Ultimately I… Read more »

We’re friends, right? I can tell you a story and you’ll laugh with me, not at me? (Side note: Yes, I know I’m weird. Deal with it.) So one day in college, the picture of a couple popped in my head. Newlyweds, most likely in the past. Farm workers. The husband waits at the table, and then his bride enters with two cups of coffee. “Guten morgen, Jimmy Borgen,” she says, handing him his coffee. (#sexist) “Guten morgen, Mrs. Borgen,”… Read more »

I hate Tuesdays, I hate mornings, I hate work days. I am grumpy today. Mostly because I went to bed a little too late, and then my lovely husband punched or elbowed me in the face early this morning. Right in the mouth. That really hurt, and it’s still hurting, Charlie. One of my favorite parts of marriage is sharing my bed with my best friend and having the most perfect lil’ snuggle buddy. But NOT when that lil’ snuggle… Read more »

I have a Pinterest board called “Everything is Magical,” because at the ripe, cynical age of twenty-five, sometimes I forget. I forget that there is magic in the world. I get so caught up in the day-to-day, so obsessed with scheduling and trying, trying, trying to SQUEEZE every last minute out of my day while still somehow getting enough sleep. I don’t find magic in my life. Most days, I find drudgery. But yesterday? Yesterday was magical. I woke up to… Read more »