Hello, World, As pretty much anyone who would likely stumble onto my site will know, Hurricane Harvey came and left devastation as it went. Southeast Texas, Houston, East Texas, and Louisiana have all felt its power and its wrath. Let me start by saying that we’re fine. We blessedly were spared. All of my closest friends are fine, my family is fine, and my husband’s family was mostly untouched. We all had a few scary nights, though. I never thought… Read more »

This might be the most controversial thing I’ve ever put on my blog, but I am going to say it anyway. I’m trying to view Monday as a gift. Trying. Praying. I woke up in a horrible mood. Tired, grumpy, so not ready for another week in the daily grind. My fuel tank feels empty and more than anything else, like the toddler I secretly am, I just don’t wanna. However, my prayer this morning was and is to be… Read more »

Good Morning, Party People! It’s Wednesday! How are we feeling? I should so totally be a hype man. Is that a career? This would totally be me: Anyway, all is rather quiet on the Western front. I’ve been meeting deadlines like a champ. I did yoga yesterday. I’m just trying to live my life. I seriously have nothing to report. I haven’t been sleeping well, so my mind isn’t being very creatively forthcoming. I’ve mostly been Pinteresting “how to clean… Read more »

You know that phrase “back in the swing of things?” I guess that’s where I am. Kind of. I still have some house unpacking to do, and, yes, the Christmas tree to take down, but I also have three and a half more seasons of Gilmore Girls to watch and books to read, etc., etc. Speaking of reading books (queen of the segue!), I think I’ve stumbled into a quiet time that will work for me. I told y’all before… Read more »

Hello. This post is late. Yesterday was a shambles. I was in a funk all day and I just got myself to bed. I’m not sure what spurred the funk. I’m thinking it might just be general exhaustion and frustration. And the fact that my birthday is swiftly approaching and my 25th year of life has been… interesting. I’m looking forward to the holidays, but I am REALLY looking forward to kissing 2014 goodbye. And by kissing, I mean murdering… Read more »

Did you know that God left us instructions for how to deal with haters and internet trolls? Because He did. Enter Proverbs 9:8: Let’s dive a little deeper, shall we? “Do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you.” To me, this means two equally important things. 1) Just don’t. Don’t even bother. 2) No matter how right you are, they will hate you. When we engage haters and trolls and even people who poke fun at us “all in… Read more »

Remember our good ol’ Colossians 3:13? I was thinking about it all day Tuesday, as one might, thinking about forgiveness and cutting myself some slack. Then, last night, someone (KSBJ?) posted Ephesians 4:32 to Facebook, and it felt like another perfect example and reminder. Take a look: Isn’t that just so lovely? There are so many elements I could analyze, and that I’m sure I’ll think about all day, but the first two words kind of sum everything up: Be… Read more »

So all the little kiddies went back to school yesterday. And I have to say, I’m jealous. Back to school, despite groans about homework and seriously hateful Chemistry teachers, kicks off my favorite time of year. It’s the beginning of fall, even though we’re still courting 100* weather in the Lone Star State. (Side note: Starbucks released the PSL early this year (yesterday) and I cannot drink one until there’s a hint of crispness in the air. It’s just wrong.)… Read more »

LeFou, I’m afraid I’ve been thinking… “A dangerous pastime!” “I KNOW!” (Name that movie.) I’m not sure why I’ve been so introspective recently, but I guess it’s just where I am right now. And that’s okay. I’m sure there are all manners of pyramids and flow charts and 90s television shows that talk about life, and finding balance in life, but I’m going to talk about it some more. SO DEAL WITH IT. I feel like my life, right now,… Read more »

I’ve been thinking a lot about time. My dear friend, Patricia, turned me on to the TimeHop app. Its a “time capsule of you,” and pulls your historic posts from your social media profiles. It has given us forgotten friendship gems, some puzzlingly vague updates, and plenty of opportunities for me to laugh at my own old jokes. Yesterday, however, it pulled up something that made me kind of sad and angry. Maybe a little life-hangry. Three years ago yesterday,… Read more »