Hello, World, As pretty much anyone who would likely stumble onto my site will know, Hurricane Harvey came and left devastation as it went. Southeast Texas, Houston, East Texas, and Louisiana have all felt its power and its wrath. Let me start by saying that we’re fine. We blessedly were spared. All of my closest friends are fine, my family is fine, and my husband’s family was mostly untouched. We all had a few scary nights, though. I never thought… Read more »

Hello. It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years, you’d like to meet? I don’t want to talk about my absence. I don’t want to talk about my disappearance. I don’t want to promise or imply anything about my return. Instead, I’ll leave this here, buried in my semi-dead corner of the internet, and I’ll think fondly about you all. A few months ago, I turned 28. And I set 28 goals for myself, which I thought I’d… Read more »

Okay, that line probably has nefarious meanings, but it’s stuck in my head. (Oooooh!) Anyway, another Monday. I’m feeling pretty good. It could be because I feel like I FINALLY caught up on sleep. Girls, hit your hallelujah. Or it could be the fact that I’m choosing and praying to stay positive. You see, yesterday was my half birthday. My 26th and a half birthday. I don’t care about it for celebratory purposes. I care about it for “where the… Read more »

Well, hello. How are you? Feeling as shy as I am? Needing as much coffee as I am? I could not sleep last night. I was plenty tired, but I felt like I tossed and turned all night. What’s that about? Sorry about my absence. It was unplanned. It was also unpoliced, hence why it went on so long. Since we last talked, I worked a ridiculous amount, into the wee hours of the night. That in itself is a… Read more »

Hello, Beautiful People! I made an extra delicious bulletproof coffee this morning, so I’m pretty jazzed. That being said, it’s still Monday, and somehow, seemingly while I was living life, the world decided it was March. Excuse me? February went by so quickly! I took an unexpected blogging break (sorry about that), but I’m back now, and with a plan. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and plotting and planning and attempting to structure my life. And as much… Read more »

Greetings, Earthlings. What it do? I had a pretty fabulous weekend. Saturday was full of writing, weeping, and gnashing of teeth until I finally published a little short story. You can read it here, if you want. I spent the rest of the day with my Valentine. We went out to dinner at Black Walnut Cafe, which is where we had our first date. And where we went last Valentine’s Day. Neither of us can remember what we did for… Read more »

Welcome, friends. We made it! I am so excited for this year. I truly believe it can and WILL be the best year ever. Of course I couldn’t let today fly by without the obligatory resolutions post. So here we are. In the past, I’ve made over 9,000 goals and tried my darndest to accomplish them, but, inevitably, failed. So this year, I’m boiling it down to overall goal categories that I want to focus on, and giving examples of each…. Read more »

Well, hello there, fine people. I hope your Christmases were super amazing. We had a grand old time, seeing family and family and more family. And my aunt and uncle are in town now, so we’re still seeing even more family. Which is perfection. Of course, we were spoiled rotten with gifts on gifts, too, but that’s not even what has been so lovely. I’ve loved being with family and friends as this dreadful year comes to a close. Despite… Read more »

Hello, December 23rd. You certainly snuck up on me. I’m not ready for Christmas to be here! Not mentally, anyway. I have most presents wrapped, all bought, and all baking planned and supplies purchased. I just need to finish up. A little behind schedule, but what can you do? The to-do list grows long and the days grow short. Not really. I just can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve and begins all the travelling and gifting and festivities! I feel… Read more »

You guys. I had the best weekend ever. It’s only due to this being the week of Christmas (and thusly a two day work week, hollaaaaaa) that I’m remotely able to sit here with a smile on my face. It was filled with friends and music and laughter and Christmas things, which are the best things. Friday night after work, I went to my dear friend Whip’s apartment, where we drank bubbly, feasted on olives, charcuterie, and cheese. She gave… Read more »