Hello. It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years, you’d like to meet? I don’t want to talk about my absence. I don’t want to talk about my disappearance. I don’t want to promise or imply anything about my return. Instead, I’ll leave this here, buried in my semi-dead corner of the internet, and I’ll think fondly about you all. A few months ago, I turned 28. And I set 28 goals for myself, which I thought I’d… Read more »

Okay, that line probably has nefarious meanings, but it’s stuck in my head. (Oooooh!) Anyway, another Monday. I’m feeling pretty good. It could be because I feel like I FINALLY caught up on sleep. Girls, hit your hallelujah. Or it could be the fact that I’m choosing and praying to stay positive. You see, yesterday was my half birthday. My 26th and a half birthday. I don’t care about it for celebratory purposes. I care about it for “where the… Read more »

I don’t know who says that. The doctors. Someone. I try to be positive over here on Wife Begins, your primary source for news inane ramblings, but I also try to be real. And right now, I’m not feeling very happy. I’m not quite as despondent as I have been/might have been, mostly because of my awesome husband who planned a lovely weekend for me, complete with a brunch date with some of my very besties. But I can’t say… Read more »