Hello, December 23rd. You certainly snuck up on me. I’m not ready for Christmas to be here! Not mentally, anyway. I have most presents wrapped, all bought, and all baking planned and supplies purchased. I just need to finish up. A little behind schedule, but what can you do? The to-do list grows long and the days grow short. Not really. I just can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve and begins all the travelling and gifting and festivities! I feel… Read more »

You guys. I had the best weekend ever. It’s only due to this being the week of Christmas (and thusly a two day work week, hollaaaaaa) that I’m remotely able to sit here with a smile on my face. It was filled with friends and music and laughter and Christmas things, which are the best things. Friday night after work, I went to my dear friend Whip’s apartment, where we drank bubbly, feasted on olives, charcuterie, and cheese. She gave… Read more »

In case you were wondering, all the fingernail polish on my right pointer finger chipped off in the shower this morning. I don’t know how, or why, or even when. Considering all my other fingernails have almost all of the polish still on them, I am a touch flabbergasted. I’m also flabbergasted that I put things like throw pillows and candlesticks on my Christmas list when we don’t even have a kitchen trash can yet. I’ve got to sort out… Read more »

So I worked until 9:30 last night. BUT. I slept in this morning. And I am drinking coffee for the first time since the stomach virus. I also just finished all of my Christmas shopping. I only have a little crafting left to do, and some wrapping. I’m feeling not so behind in the game. I think I can, I think I can. What else is going on? Nothing. I am a boring, broken record of exhaustion. Maybe that’s what’s wrong… Read more »

Aca-scuse me? It’s December 16th? How? HOW? TELL ME HOW? I started out so ahead of the Christmas game. And now I am not. I wouldn’t say I’m in an emergency situation, I just like to be done by now so I can relax, wrap, and revel. I don’t even know. 2014, seriously, top to bottom, every which way, has been an insane year. I honestly can’t wait to kiss it goodbye and move the heck on. I’ve been telling… Read more »

Yous guys. Have we EVEN talked about coffee recently? Did I even tell you I bought a Keurig on black Friday? Did I even tell you it’s here and I’m using it and I love it and I’m just over the moon? There’s just something so special about waking up with a GOOD cup of coffee. It’s warm and comforting and it’s just probably the one ritual I really enjoy. I’m not sure makeup counts as a ritual since it… Read more »

How are you? I survived deadline week, and lived to tell the tale. Not that it’s an interesting tale, mind you, but it’s a tale nonetheless. Not really. Okay, my blogging muscles are apparently a tad rusty. Bear with me. Or don’t I don’t care. Let’s just move on. Saturday was my company Christmas party. Which means Saturday morning I ran out shopping, but was not finding anything that matched the dramatic picture in my mind. Then I found this… Read more »

Listen. I barely slept at all last night. Probably because we had the heat on and I think I got a little hot. But my house is a charming 70* this morning. Granted, it’s 10 degrees warmer today and I also had the foresight to put on my giant fluffy robe, but I’m just trying to let you know that heater on probably didn’t work for me. I’m like the Goldilocks of sleeping conditions, compounded by the fact that I… Read more »

Happy December, everyone!!! You might notice my new festive layout. And you might not. I’m really not here to judge. It’s all good. Everyone just needs to calm down. Keep calm and CHRISTMAS! I’m quite tired. This holiday was pretty glorious, though. We ate Thanksgiving with my family at my uncle’s house, then we jetted down to my husband’s dad’s house, then we swung by my husband’s mom’s. It was fun/tiring/lovely. We will probably have to start alternating years, because it… Read more »

You guys! You guys! Guess what? IT’S OCTOBER!! Everything in life is officially wonderful! We are in for a three-month period of joy! Sorry, calming down. I actually slept in this morning because I’m not feeling too well, so due to limited time before I must get mineself to work, I am just going to list my feelings. Because It’s October… We can start dressing for fall. The Texas temperatures will eventually meet us there. ::shakes fist:: I’m going to… Read more »