Just yesterday, I told one of my coworkers that I am *totally* going to be one of those grandmas that has a festive sweater and jewelry for every holiday. I already am that grandma, somewhere inside me. nothing gets to me like Christmas jewelry. Come to mama grandma. Anywho, I thought that today, on Halloween, it would be fun to visit some things that would be Halloween-appropriate. Obvi it’s a touch too late to buy any, but it’ll be fun!… Read more »

I can’t believe it’s October 30th.   How is it that time seems to fly by faster and faster? I already know November is going to be insanely busy, and then it’s Christmas and then it’s January, which is super busy for me at work. So maybe I’ll take a freaking breath in February? ::hyperventilates:: I feel like I am not even my typical self. I love LOVE Halloween, and I’ve barely even celebrated. We’ve been slamming episodes of Ghost Adventures… Read more »