Welcome, friends. We made it! I am so excited for this year. I truly believe it can and WILL be the best year ever. Of course I couldn’t let today fly by without the obligatory resolutions post. So here we are. In the past, I’ve made over 9,000 goals and tried my darndest to accomplish them, but, inevitably, failed. So this year, I’m boiling it down to overall goal categories that I want to focus on, and giving examples of each…. Read more »

Well, hello there, fine people. I hope your Christmases were super amazing. We had a grand old time, seeing family and family and more family. And my aunt and uncle are in town now, so we’re still seeing even more family. Which is perfection. Of course, we were spoiled rotten with gifts on gifts, too, but that’s not even what has been so lovely. I’ve loved being with family and friends as this dreadful year comes to a close. Despite… Read more »