Happy December, everyone!!! You might notice my new festive layout. And you might not. I’m really not here to judge. It’s all good. Everyone just needs to calm down. Keep calm and CHRISTMAS! I’m quite tired. This holiday was pretty glorious, though. We ate Thanksgiving with my family at my uncle’s house, then we jetted down to my husband’s dad’s house, then we swung by my husband’s mom’s. It was fun/tiring/lovely. We will probably have to start alternating years, because it… Read more »

Good news: I am drinking coffee that I made. It has stevia and cream in it, because the Hubbit, precious Hubbit went to the store for us last night. Now we have a fully stocked fridge. Amen and Hallelujah. I’m so happy that it’s the end of the workweek. There’s the rumor, the magic, the mystery that we’ll be released early today, so I’m hoping for that. I will come home and start food prep! Just making deviled eggs (as… Read more »

Well, actually, I have coffee. I just don’t have milk/cream/whatever to put in it. And I can’t bring myself to drink it black. There’s just almost so much I can handle when I’m this tired, and black coffee is not on the handleable list. The good news is, it’s technically “Thursday” meaning two more days of the work week. Not gonna lie, I’m really looking forward to a long weekend. Like, it’s maybe overshadowing actual Thanksgiving, which is a holiday… Read more »

So, we moved. And it was awful, as moves always are. Tears were shed, as they almost always are. But, as I write this in our new house, in our mostly clean and unpacked living room, I have to tell you, it’s nice. Real nice. I’m exhausted, of course. In every way. Praise the Lord and our prudent planning that this is only a 3 day work week, and that there is a strong rumor around the office that we’ll… Read more »