Morning, Dear Ones! It’s Wednesday! We’ve made it halfway(ish) to the weekend! PLT! Today is probably going to be a late night at work for me, but I’m going to do everything in my power to ensure it’s as early as it can possibly be. From my blog to God’s ears, am I right? Anywho, I am feeling good. Like good good. I’m getting multitudes of energy from my diet. That has not always been the case, so this is a… Read more »

Greetings, Earthlings. I really wish that line wasn’t permanently stuck in my head. We all do, I’m sure. Anywho, happy Tuesday. I still cannot shake this allergy/cold/general malaise that took over me Friday, January 2nd. I am kicking it into overdrive today. And by that I mean I’m taking zinc and I bought “Gypsy Cold Care” tea at Target and I’m going to take it to work and pretend I’m in a gypsy camp.   I do want to say… Read more »

So, we moved. And it was awful, as moves always are. Tears were shed, as they almost always are. But, as I write this in our new house, in our mostly clean and unpacked living room, I have to tell you, it’s nice. Real nice. I’m exhausted, of course. In every way. Praise the Lord and our prudent planning that this is only a 3 day work week, and that there is a strong rumor around the office that we’ll… Read more »

Not much has changed since we last spoke. We’re close to done with painting. Not as close to done with packing, but still close. Gonna grab me a sugar free Rockstar on my way home and get to town! I ended up working until almost 9 last night, so by the time I picked up food and got home, my energy and allergies only cooperated long enough for me to get most of the third bedroom done. Got a little… Read more »

How you doin’? I am, how you say, sore as heck? Surprisingly, I’m not that sore (yet) in my arms and back, which were what were getting so tired painting yesterday. My glutes and hammies, though, are killing me. Almost as much as saying “hammies.” I apologize. Moving on. We got so much painting done! The house looks much, much less beige/ugly. I am happy. I got a fair amount of packing done, though I still need to bust it… Read more »

Well, Helloooooo. Do you want to see some little sneak peeks of our house? It’s a beige monster. I think you’ll agree it has great bones, but what you’re about to see is graphically, offensively one-note. And that’s okay. Because in the far, distant future, we will be ripping up that beige carpet and putting down gorgeous, dark wood. and that is a game changer. I’m telling you this so that you know that almost everything is completely temporary. We’re… Read more »

I hope you’re thinking of G.O.B. right now. Anywho, we move in one week. ONE. WEEK. And I don’t even have any ice cream to stress eat. I made my official to do list last night and just about flipped my ish. The good news is, we ordered our appliances last night as we enjoyed a delicious dinner. Praise the Lord, there are “early” Black Friday sales going on, and we managed to save just over $1,000 off of some… Read more »

We are officially homeowners! Or homeboners, as we are likely to say. Because we’re mature like that. We met our Realtor to do a final walk-through of the house, and much to our chagrin, it wasn’t cleaned, as we requested in our contract. We’re talking like years of dust on the ceiling fan, people. Not a pretty sight, and not something this super allergic to dust gal likes to think about. Our awesome Realtor promised she and the other agent… Read more »

Today, we’re buying a house. Today, we become homeowners. I feel suuuper adult. I’m excited. We can paint and transform and decorate and build a home. We can have parties and family and friends over. We can actually, for realsies, make a home. I can make and hang wreaths. We can, eventually, do things like landscape. We can do whatever we want! It’s our house! I’m also nervous. That’s a lot of money. Like, a lot of money. Not that we… Read more »

Listen. Listen. Linda, Honey. I’m tired. The kind of tired where you might just cry if you think about it. You know what I mean? And the rudest part is, it’s only Wednesday. I cannot wait for the weekend. Saturday, I plan to hop up, and try to write. I say try because my emotions are still all over the place about my book and there’s a huge chunk of me that wants to delete it and never write again… Read more »