Hello, friends! I had a glorious weekend. The writing conference was a blast, the weather was gorgeous, my husband was cute, and I ate a lot of cheese. But do you know what’s been my favorite part? I bought a pumpkin. I told you I would. And it inspired me. I made something. Something other than this fabulous low carb lasagna. Other than progress on my book. Other than a fool of myself when I literally skipped to the pumpkin… Read more »

Warning: This is not going to be organized. You have been warned. Topics at the moment include how to crack an egg, a muffin recipe, cold medication, coffee, Keurigs, and bears. Oh My. This is subject to change by any tangential thought. You have now been thrice warned. I think I’ve stumbled upon a drug cocktail that keeps me functional through this cold/allergy spell. I am feeling better every day, thanks probably in large part to Dayquil, double doses of… Read more »