That was a Sufjan Stevens reference. Annoyed eye roll if you didn’t pick up on it. Just kidding, I love you. Anyway, the trip to Chicago was amazinggggg. So here’s a photo-dump. There was architecture:   There was art:   My little brother told me this was Voldemort: There was food: There was booze: There was the facing of fears that was the Willis Tower Sky Deck and a ghost tour. The Sky Deck was much more terrifying. Tell me… Read more »

Hello, Monday. We meet again. You shall not best us! … Hmmmhmmm. Sorry about that. I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was rather lovely, but over too soon. Of course. Or course. I’m here with Part 2 of my 2 part series entitled “What Makeup Brushes Do I Need.” You know, in case you didn’t read the title or something. Here is Part 1 if you missed it. Today, we’re concentrating on eye brushes and lip brush…es. Reallly,… Read more »

Some of you are rolling your eyes because you know how to clean your makeup brushes. Some of you are curious, as you didn’t know there was a proper technique. Some of you didn’t know that you were supposed to clean makeup brushes. Yes, my friends. You are. Makeup brushes hold product, bacteria, and germs. You need to “deep” clean them every month to every 6 weeks. Please, at least every 8 weeks. I know, I know, we’re all busy…. Read more »

Do you ever stare so long at the same thing that you start to question reality? No? Just me? Ah. The thing is, I spent an ungodly amount of time the last few days reorganizing my Pinterest boards. And it feels good. I feel more in control, even though I’m probably not. I feel as though I’m going through an emotional Renaissance. As you might have guessed from some recent posts. I’m concentrating on getting back to what makes me… Read more »