(To the tune of “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh”)

Hello Readers,
Hello Buddies.
It is Friday
Week was cruddy.
Friday is so
The hours will pass quickly with some believing.

Thank you, thank you. I can’t believe it’s Friday. Don’t take that to mean that I don’t need Friday with every fiber of my soul. Oh, no. I need it. I welcome it into my arms and probably squeeze it a little too hard, like Of Mice and Men.

And with that image, let’s just talk about pretty things I’d buy if I won the lottery. K?

This week I decided my new obsession is the combination of coral and grey with bronze accents. Lovin’ it. So, naturally, I’m on the hunt for coral things. Always. It’s one of the most perfect colors. Take a look for yourself:

P.S. Like everywhere is having a sale right now. Treat yoself!

1) Alamo Square Lace Detail Tank

Alamo Square Lace Detail Tank

This is everything a girl would ever need in a summer blouse.

2) Baltimore Chevron Loop Scarf

Baltimore Chevron Loop Scarf


3) Floral Chain-Links Collar Necklace

Floral Chain-Links Collar Necklace

I don’t need this because I have so many similar necklaces, but this would be a gorgeous addition to a smaller collection.

5) Geo Crop Top

Geo Crop Top

I’m not sure how cropped this top is, but I love it all the same! So cute!

6) Haute Cocoa Dress

Haute Cocoa Dress

Eh? See? Coral and grey? Orange and tan? So pretty. So feminine with an edgy twist. Obsessed. I think I’m going to paint my nails a version of these colors. Stay the eff tuned.

7) Lakeview Gardens Floral Blouse

Lakeview Gardens Floral Blouse

Well this is everything I’ve ever wanted or needed in a blouse. Please, please, get in the closet.

8) Park View Lace Detail Top

Park View Lace Detail Top

I can’t stop imagining this with light grey skinny jeans and a big bronze statement necklace. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

8) Pastry Taster Top

Pastry Taster Top

Listen. This involves three of my favorite things: Chevron, Coral, and Pastry. Into the cart go ye!

9) Pretty Purchases Weekend Bag

Pretty Purchases Weekend Bag

Oh. Oh. This was made for me. You can’t convince me otherwise.

10) Stretch Cotton Sailor Pants

Stretch Cotton Sailor Pants


Aaaaand that’s all I have to say today. Here’s to a restoring weekend and a better tomorrow. Pretty sure that’s a Disney World slogan, but whatever.


Y’all have a great weekend!

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