Y’all!! It’s Friday the 13th! And there’s supposed to be a super rare, full “honey” moon tonight! I don’t know what that means, but had I known ahead of time, I would have thrown a honey moon themed party. Somehow. Go with it.

Anyway, that really has nothing to do with what I liked while shopping around this week. But it felt important to say. I hope nothing super weird happens today! Unless I win the lottery, and can buy all these things:

1) Bayfront Chevron Tank

This is just the cutest. Get in my closet, you chevron-y minx.

This is just the cutest. Get in my closet, you chevron-y minx.

2) Be My Sunshine Colorblock Dress

Be My Sunshine Colorblock Dress

I am obsessed with the skirt on this dress. So flowy and gorgeous. Mmmm.

3) Floral Burnout Tank

Floral Burnout Tank

Listen. They’ve styled this horribly, but the white is the only color where you could see the gorgeous burnout detail. I want the blue option, and I want to wear it with coral pants, and I want to drink iced coffee and be fabulous. That’s that.

4) Floral Print Cotton Tee

Floral Print Cotton Tee

This is everything I’ve ever needed for summer. Get in the cart.

5) Floral-Perforated Satchel

Floral-Perforated Satchel

Have I told you lately that I love satchels? Because I really, really do. And this one is calling my name!

6) Iced Macchiato Skater Dress

Iced Macchiato Skater Dress

I’m including this 100% exclusively for the fact that it is the modern interpretation of Cinderella’s work dress, and I’m obsessed with it.

7) Lanoka Printed Top

Lanoka Printed Top

I love this. Office appropriate with slacks, life appropriate with shorts, date appropriate with skinny jeans and statement earrings… I have a crush.

8) Ledoux Cropped Pants

Ledoux Cropped Pants

I love colored pants. I love cropped pants. Boom, these are both. Classy with heels, comfy with sandals, these are winning.

9) Pieced Stripe Long Sleeve Tee

Pieced Stripe Long Sleeve Tee

While we probably can’t wear this for summer in Texas, I hope someone in a breezy northeastern coastal town will see this and say, “Yes.”

10) Studded Quilted Satchel

Studded Quilted Satchel

SATCHEL! This one comes in black and white, but I’m dying over this blush pink color. Love the girly color mixed with masculine hardware. Sign me up.


And that’s about all I have to say about anything. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

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