This post is late. Yesterday was a shambles. I was in a funk all day and I just got myself to bed. I’m not sure what spurred the funk. I’m thinking it might just be general exhaustion and frustration. And the fact that my birthday is swiftly approaching and my 25th year of life has been… interesting. I’m looking forward to the holidays, but I am REALLY looking forward to kissing 2014 goodbye. And by kissing, I mean murdering and sending to a watery grave or something. Like most things in life, after a glass (or four) of wine and a good night’s sleep, I was feeling better about things in general.

So good, in fact, that I hopped up and started prep for tonight’s dinner, a delicious slow cooker version of Indian Butter Chicken. It’s a household favorite, and you can find the recipe here. (Note: I always double the chicken and the spices to make a heartier meal and to have bigger flavors. Except the cayenne, I just do a heaping teaspoon and not 2 teaspoons. I like this particular dish to be not super spicy, because then it reads more as comfort food to me. But you can do whatever you want.)

I always forget that while this recipe is super EASY, it’s kind of time consuming. Especially if you have to first wash your crock pot insert and your skillet. And cutting board. Because your life is a shambles. And also, maybe the onion I was chopping made my eyes rain so hard only Simple Jack can understand. My eyes were BURNING. And in my haste to get them cooked down, I might have dropped a goodly portion on the floor. And I might have just left them there and stepped on them the rest of the cooking time because, again, I am a domestic failure. So by the time I got everything crocked and ready to simmer all day and greet me in a warming hug of food tonight, it was more than time to get ready and get myself to work, stinging eyes and all.

I was frustrated. I probably still am. But, as I sat in traffic this morning, I realized that when I get home, I won’t have to cook. I can write. And one of my favorite meals will be waiting for me. Comforting, warm, and done. A healthy, wholesome meal to nourish me and my precious Hubbit.

While maybe it’s a stretch to turn a slow cooker meal into a life lesson, I’m trying to apply the same realization to my life. Things might be frustrating. Circumstances might be making my eyes rain. But after all the slaving and the washing and the traffic, suddenly, I’ll crest the wave mountain or whatever, and I’ll be enveloped in a comforting, warm hug. And while I do believe that will happen soon, that life does and will turn around, maybe it won’t. Maybe my hug will only come when I die, at the peak of eternity. And that’s okay. Because that hug is worth every morning of frustration and every tear.

And maybe in the meantime, I’ll take things a step further and remember that some recipes are weekend meals. And that’s okay.

Have a good day, friends.

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