Hello, my sweets. Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth last week. It was the conclusion of my big year-end deadlines, and since it was the conclusion of my big year-end deadlines, I was also quite sick. I’d been fighting a cold since January 2nd and only yesterday and today have I started to feel quasi-normal. I’ve been just sick enough to be exhausted and not feeling well, but not sick enough to excuse myself from any activities.

The weekend was wonderful but busy, busy, busy. I’m already bummed I didn’t lounge more. I think we all feel that way every weekend. Friday night my friends hosted a belated New Year’s Eve party since they were out of town on the actual NYE. It was tons o’ fun. Saturday I spent most of the day shopping with my friend Puh. Trish. Uh. and then The Hubbit and I watched TV late into the night.

Sunday I meal planned and then took The Hubbit on a date. We saw The Hunger Games (finally) even though Mockingjay is my least favorite book in the trilogy. Which, admittedly, is like saying, “this diamond is not as awesome as these two other diamonds.” The movie was good, but nothing will ever be Catching Fire to me. Nothing. Anyway, then we went to Cheesecake Factory and ate too much and vowed that we are taking control of our diets pronto.

Which means today.

Not literally, but just in our case.

Glad we got that settled.

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to start sharing my meal plans. It will keep me held accountable for putting healthy meals on the table and it will help to inform y’all. If you follow my insta, you know I’m one of those annoying people that posts food pictures on the daily. Sorry, not sorry. Anyway, a lot of people ask me for recipes because of the pictures, ergo, I thought I could just be nice and share them!

I almost wanted to call it “Menu Monday” except it’s Monday and I’m just a little too grumpy and ornery to want to be cute. So let’s just say this signifies the official launch into the whole New Year’s health goals thing, now that I’m not working fourteen hour days anymore. Which, hello, is not healthy.

So, in no particular order, here’s what’s slated for this week:

Meal 1: Sausage and Cabbage. I have a link of Prasek’s sausage and I’m going to saute some cabbage and onion. Easy. Cheap. Monday’s dinner, because I’m sleepy and grumpy and many other dwarves.

Meal 2: Coq au Chardonnay with Roasted Broccoli. I have not tried either of these recipes, though I have roasted broccoli similarly before. I’m looking forward to trying this, as it looks and sounds delicious. Yum.

Meal 3: Something I’m creating that I will share ASAP. It’s greek and involves lamb and feta. If I was set on a name yet, I’d share it. And I will. Oh, I will.

Meal 4: Olive Garlic Meatballs with Pan Roasted Radishes. I haven’t tried the meatballs before, but meatballs are literally like my favorite things ever to make. So quick and easy and fun for a weekday meal. I chose these because The Hubbit is crazy for green olives and I aim to please. The radishes, however, are one of my favorite dishes. Radishes are so cheap and so healthy for you, and sauteeing them like this transforms them. YUM.

Meal 5: Turkey Meatballs in Green Curry Sauce. What did I say about meatballs? Also, Melissa from IBIH is the meatball queen. You’ll be seeing her recipes a lot over here. I haven’t had these meatballs before, because my HEB is annoyingly ALWAYS out of green curry, but I saw some the other week and snatched it up. So I am ready and PUMPED to make these meatballs. I’m serving it over cauli rice, which I’ve never made before even though I know I should have been making it for years.

Meal 6: B for D. Or, breakfast for dinner. We don’t have plans this Friday night, and there are few things we like better than lounging around and eating eggs and bacon for dinner. Cheap, easy, fun. Oh, and you HAVE to cook your bacon this way. You’re welcome.

So there we have it! My approach to meal planning is that I try to vary our meats and veggies as well as our cuisine types. This week we have kinda-German, Greek, Thai, French, and American/unclassified. And breakfast. I also try to find new recipes and flavors. I love cooking and I love meal planning. But I think what I love is the discovery aspect of it all. I don’t think I’ll ever be the kind of wife that has like 9 prepared meals in the freezer and tons of stuff on hand to just “whip up” various things. And I’m okay with that, because my method also means we have almost 0% food waste. Of which I’m quite proud.

Anyway, this has now become a novel, and I apologize. I hope you have a good Monday and please let me know what *you’re* cooking this week.

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