I know, I know. You’re never going to get tired of my riffs on Disney songs as blog titles. I’m here to serve your needs, dear reader.

I’m facing a dilemma. A first world problem, if you will. Its name is Bedding/Bedroom Furniture. Its parents got creative in the name game.

A bit of back story: Our master bedroom furniture is my bedroom furniture from when I was like twelve. It’s nice, solid, well-built furniture. The dresser and nightstand will look lovely in the guest room alongside the full sized bed.

There are a lot of challenges in the first year of marriage, and sleeping in a full bed is one of them. While it’s nice and we cuddle and, again, it’s a luxury problem, it’s a tad cramped for two people. The few times we’ve been in a hotel this year have been beautiful, spacious occasions.

We have been around and around the mulberry bush of furniture. First, my parents were going to buy a new bed and give us their king-sized bed. Awesome. Then they weren’t. Then we were so cramped that we started just looking at buying our own. And we searched for furniture and mattresses and bedding. Oh, the bedding. And we found a few options, but ultimately were too concerned with the price and with buying something for a rental home that might not work in the home we plan to purchase in a few months. So we decided to wait it out.

Then we were miserable and decided to buy one anyway. And then we didn’t want to, because that would take a major chunk out of our down payment for the previously mentioned future home. So we were making due. And now my parents ARE getting a new bed. And theirs is being delivered on July 1st, which means their old bed could be ours on July 1st. And I just realized that’s in 5 days.

We have decided to just grab a cheap bed frame from Ikea and not worry about furniture until we’re in our more permanent home. Do this whole “renter” thing in style. But that does not solve the bedding dilemma. And, AGAIN, I don’t want to buy something that could look terrible with our future home/furniture. But, and here’s the confession, I am obsessed with bedding. One of my dear friends (Hi, lovebug!) and I used to talk about how we’d have to have seasonal home decor, to just rotate out every season. Bedding included.

So now I guess I’m looking for something that won’t break the bank, but is still pretty enough. But then, I think, “But if we buy a crappy $100 set that rips open when washed, shouldn’t we just spring for the $300 quality set?” But I really don’t want to spend the money on something I’ll want to replace in a few months anyway.

And it’s a circle, it’s a hoop, that never ends.

So… any suggestions? Other than to get over myself and just go to Walmart? Do any of y’all know of any discount bedding stores or sales going on? And I don’t tend to go to second-hand shops for things like this, because we are blessed that we absolutely could afford brand new, high-end bedding if we chose to put our money there. I feel way too guilty grabbing something that someone truly in need could have loved. Any other suggestions are appreciated!

Maybe my parents have some old king-sized bedding that they don’t need. Or maybe they do. And then they don’t again. Kidding, mom and dad… love you…

Y’all have a great day, your personal bedding issues notwithstanding.


7 thoughts on “Just Around the Ikea Bend

  1. Mallory

    I also LOVE bedding. Two suggestions – Tuesday Morning, which always has a ton of bedding, and Marshall’s/Homegoods. I always find deals, and the bedding selection is usually pretty good. And since you’re an experienced bedding shopper, you’ll know what’s quality. Good luck!


    1. Kaitlin Post author

      Great ideas! I had thought of Homegoods because I have found cheap decorate pillows there, but hadn’t thought of the others. Thanks, doll!


  2. Madeleine

    I love IKEA duvets because you can always swap the covers/wash them as little or as often as you like. It’s an economical system and as long as you don’t buy the cheapest duvet cover they have they really do last. You can get cotton quilts or feather/synthetic mixes that are affordable and the duvet sets always come with matching pillows. That being said, I realise it’s fairly European and that a lot of people love comforters. If this is you I would recommend getting a duvet cover from somewhere like Marshall’s or TJ Maxx (or buying a cheaper comforter that is the right thickness and finding a cover you love). There are loads of reputable high quality brands that do duvet covers and often they are cheaper because they simply aren’t as popular in the US. It’s an economical system and allows you to change things up as much as you like! x


  3. Kendall

    Yes, even though my heart wants it so badly seasonal bedding remains a pipe dream for me!!! Le sigh. Anywho, I second Marshalls/Homegoods/Tuesday Morning/Big Lots/ any place like that for bedding that is nice but not too nice and where if you decide it’s not workin for ya after a few months you won’t feel guilty tossing… I mean donating 🙂 However, I also highly recommend Overstock.com That’s where I found our sheets and they are great. Also, since you mentioned our shared love of hotels and their beds/bedding, I am a big fan of investing in a decent quality duvet or duvet cover (feels like you’re in a hotel!) but then accessorizing with various shams and throw pillows in an array of colors and patterns. Makes it a lot cheaper to swap out the parts of the bedding ensemble whose quality matters less, plus you can easily transform the look depending on what space it is in, plus it would allow you to start sleeping with the luxe stuff quicker. Happy shopping lovebug 🙂


    1. Kaitlin Post author

      Oooh!!!!! I will definitely be checking O.Co tonight. Hopefully I’m not the only one to remember that rebranding commercial… Ahem. I’m thinking duvet/duvet covers might be the way to go for us. Invest in a quality duvet and a cheaper cover, then buy some nicer linens and a better cover when we move into our purchased home. Excellent bedding insight, as always, mituna!


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