Hello, World,

As pretty much anyone who would likely stumble onto my site will know, Hurricane Harvey came and left devastation as it went. Southeast Texas, Houston, East Texas, and Louisiana have all felt its power and its wrath.

Let me start by saying that we’re fine. We blessedly were spared. All of my closest friends are fine, my family is fine, and my husband’s family was mostly untouched. We all had a few scary nights, though.

I never thought I’d see something like this, let alone in my own back yard. To see roads I’ve traveled completely submerged in unbelievably deep water; To see buildings I’ve visited and businesses I support flood; To see the homes of people I love destroyed; to see churches and schools and entire small towns all but wiped away has been an experience I will not soon forget.

More than the devastation, however, I have seen the love. I am so, so proud to be a Texan. Even more proud to be a Houstonian. I am so proud of how our city has responded, how our people have come together. I have seen the face of God in so many other humans. I have seen the hands and feet of Jesus move in beautiful ways I have never before witnessed.

Our church is one of over 100 churches in the area who have come together to move as one church for the city. Methodists, Baptists, and Catholics alike, all pouring out the love of Christ. It had me crying on Sunday and I still get teary just thinking of it. There’s something about this community that just thrums with a heart I can’t describe. The rest of this country has seen this heart out in the open. They’ve seen why we Texans are so dang proud.

I have been so touched by the love and support that has literally poured in from all over the state, the country, the world. My emotions are still raw, I’m still not sleeping well, but I am happy to be able to sit with my Hubbit and our pup, in our sweet little house, and write to you all.

Please let me know if anyone has any volunteer activities or knows of anyone we can help. I’ve served in a few churches, doing a few different things, but I know that the road to recovery is long. We will rebuild. Come Hell or high water.

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