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Can I interest you in a delicious, healthy, completely customizable dinner that goes from fridge to table in under 30 minutes? I can? Well, then, have I got a treat for you! Meet my good friend, the Portabella Pizza.

Portabella Pizza

If you want to be rude and real technical, it’s a simple stuffed mushroom. But it’s so much better for my heart to hear the word “pizza.” I originally got the inspiration from this link I found on Pinterest, but ain’t nobody got time to saute onions.


Clean your mushrooms, remove stems (remove gills if you want more room for toppings. I leave them in, usually.), spoon in sauce, slather with cheese, top, bake, and and enjoy. Boom. You can choose any toppings you want.

Portabella Pizza

Portabella Pizza

Husband's choice

Husband’s choice

My husband chose green olives. I don’t judge. But I chose classic pepperoni. Mmmmm. Look at this scrumptiousness:

Pepperoni Portabella Pizza. Say that three times.

Pepperoni Portabella Pizza. Say that three times.

Here’s the recipe:

Recipe Card Portabella upload


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