Morning, my sweet friends! Maybe it’s my morning cup of coffee, or the fact that I woke up early enough to enjoy a leisurely coffee, or that it’s already Thursday, but I have definitely been feeling more peaceful since I’ve decided to concentrate on not guilt-tripping myself. I am cutting myself a break. And it feels really nice. I’m hoping those of you that related to my last post are feeling similar peace in your lives. If not, I encourage… Read more »

I’ve been thinking a lot about time. My dear friend, Patricia, turned me on to the TimeHop app. Its a “time capsule of you,” and pulls your historic posts from your social media profiles. It has given us forgotten friendship gems, some puzzlingly vague updates, and plenty of opportunities for me to laugh at my own old jokes. Yesterday, however, it pulled up something that made me kind of sad and angry. Maybe a little life-hangry. Three years ago yesterday,… Read more »