Happy Fourth of July! I hope you’re spending it celebrating your freedoms– whether it’s being free from work, free from loneliness, free from not grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, I hope today is joyful for you in every way. America! I would like to express my freedom to online shop and provide for you a very patriotic selection of shoes today. Enjoy, my loves. Enjoy. 1) Fab Factor Heel. These are just gorgeous. Wear them with some sleek white shorts and… Read more »

It’s the third of July. For many of you, it’s simply a day to start your meat marinating. For others, it’s the last day before a work holiday, and that gives you strength. Count me among the work numbers, definitely. But the third also means something else to me. It means my 26th birthday is only 4 months away. And that is shocking and perhaps a teeny bit depressing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an age thing. Promise. I… Read more »

Y’all. It’s July. JULY. What the? Today is my parents’ wedding anniversary, so happy anniversary, Mama and Daddy! 31st year, I do believe. That’s incredible. The older I get, the more I appreciate my parents’ wedding anniversary. I don’t think I ever really knew what a wedding anniversary was. I was never the little girl who played pretend that I was getting married. I would just skip right to the playing house part. I was a flower girl for my… Read more »

Good (?) Morning, my peeps! I hope your weekend was fabulous. My poor wittle husband became sick Saturday night, so yesterday was a bit mopey for us. Hopefully I avoid catching the cold, since this week begins my crazy monthly deadline. Glory be, however, for it is a short week, thanks to FREEDOM. And you best believe I am going to lavishly enjoy my three day weekend. I can taste it already. Anyway, I thought I’d talk about something near… Read more »

We made it. We did. We made it to Friday. You might have doubted. Heck, I doubted, too, but we did it! I’m so proud of us. Anyway, if I’m honest, I’ve never given neon a thought. Ever. It pretty much existed for fraternities and sororities and belonged far, far outside of my closet. And then, once again, a pin rocked my world. Just like I rocked the internal rhyme scheme of the previous sentence. Winning. This pin, from a… Read more »

Why do I keep using song lyrics as titles? The world may never know. It could have something to do with the fact that I only know I’m actually awake in the morning when some annoying song or three pops in my head. It’s never a good song. It’s something ridiculous. Recently it’s been that stupid Ariana Grande “Problem” song. Good for her, she’s very skinny and young, and quite talented and blah, blah. But I can’t tell you how… Read more »

I know, I know. You’re never going to get tired of my riffs on Disney songs as blog titles. I’m here to serve your needs, dear reader. I’m facing a dilemma. A first world problem, if you will. Its name is Bedding/Bedroom Furniture. Its parents got creative in the name game. A bit of back story: Our master bedroom furniture is my bedroom furniture from when I was like twelve. It’s nice, solid, well-built furniture. The dresser and nightstand will… Read more »

It’s peaceful right now. Quiet. The world is in its summer sleep, and only a few cars are whizzing by outside. Even the birds and bugs are hushed now, not finding much worth chirping about. The pale peachy sun is rising, making its way to the sky, and I am breathing, enjoying the silence and this coffee, and forgetting the pain of the world. Except I really want a breakfast taco. Or four. Bacon, eggs, potatoes, and cheese, on a… Read more »

Okay, don’t let the title confuse you. I’m not asking any questions. You actually asked me questions. But when a Disney song pops in your head, resistance is futile. Just… Let it go. And now that you all hate me/have a Disney medley raging through your skulls, let’s talk makeup! (Questions paraphrased and nicknames given by me.) Q: What is your skincare routine AND what makeup do you carry in your purse? – Mad Madame B A: I’ve circled around… Read more »

(To the tune of “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh”) Hello Readers, Hello Buddies. It is Friday Week was cruddy. Friday is so Soul-relieving. The hours will pass quickly with some believing. Thank you, thank you. I can’t believe it’s Friday. Don’t take that to mean that I don’t need Friday with every fiber of my soul. Oh, no. I need it. I welcome it into my arms and probably squeeze it a little too hard, like Of Mice and Men. And… Read more »