You know, I really don’t have any makeup topics in mind. I’m too tired to launch into a deep explanation about blush, or to go on another hate-filled rant about people who think cream contouring is an “everyday” look. So instead, let’s just go shopping. From the comfort of our own couches while we grip cups of coffee. Man, I love the internet. Y’all ready? 1) Butter London Brick Lane Collection, color Cor Blimey. That name. That perfect eggplant aubergine…. Read more »

Good (?) Morning, my peeps! I hope your weekend was fabulous. My poor wittle husband became sick Saturday night, so yesterday was a bit mopey for us. Hopefully I avoid catching the cold, since this week begins my crazy monthly deadline. Glory be, however, for it is a short week, thanks to FREEDOM. And you best believe I am going to lavishly enjoy my three day weekend. I can taste it already. Anyway, I thought I’d talk about something near… Read more »

Okay, don’t let the title confuse you. I’m not asking any questions. You actually asked me questions. But when a Disney song pops in your head, resistance is futile. Just… Let it go. And now that you all hate me/have a Disney medley raging through your skulls, let’s talk makeup! (Questions paraphrased and nicknames given by me.) Q: What is your skincare routine AND what makeup do you carry in your purse? – Mad Madame B A: I’ve circled around… Read more »

Hello, everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Ours was splendid. On Saturday, the Hubbit went to work, and I ran to HEB and then to my parents’ house where I prepared a delicious steak lunch for my family as part of my Father’s Day present. I hung out with my family which was much fun, we gave my dad the rest of his gifts, and a nice time was had by all. Then I raced home, changed and… Read more »

Greetings, Earthlings. I hope you had a pleasant weekend. Ours flew by with parties and graduations and trying to squeeze in some sleep. Never enough sleep. I also took the time to paint my nails in a fun way, and I thought I’d share. Shout-out to my new, amazing camera! I’m still learning, so y’all go easy on me.  I’m obsessed with my new, fun colors, which I impulse bought at HEB (story of my life). The star of this… Read more »