Good Morning, Party People!

It’s Wednesday! How are we feeling?

I should so totally be a hype man. Is that a career? This would totally be me:

Anyway, all is rather quiet on the Western front. I’ve been meeting deadlines like a champ. I did yoga yesterday. I’m just trying to live my life.

I seriously have nothing to report. I haven’t been sleeping well, so my mind isn’t being very creatively forthcoming. I’ve mostly been Pinteresting “how to clean a bathroom” and adding things to my Amazon cart.

After being so busy in March, I’m already really digging the slow roll of April. I’m taking time to reflect on myself as a wife, a Christian, a boss, an employee. I’m naturally inclined to do this, but I think it’s so important to pause every once in a while and check in with yourself.

Who are you? How are you presenting yourself to the world? Are you patient, loving, and kind? Are you strong and courageous? Do you love and take care of yourself? Are you pursuing your passion? Are you fulfilling your purpose? Are you following, seeking, and serving? Are you spiritually at peace with your truth?

I think checking in like that just helps keep bigger things in mind. It really doesn’t matter about your chin zit when you’re seeking such high goals that are way beyond yourself.

So I’m digging just kind of reflecting and refocusing. It’s been really nice, if a little painful.

And that’s about all I have to say about that. Or anything. I’m going to grab some more coffee.Y’all have a good day!

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